Priyanka Joshi

Priyanka is a curiosity-driven scientist who is working towards uncovering the molecular mechanisms underlying aging and age-related neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. She is studying the metabolic precursors which influence the aggregation of proteins such as amyloid beta which are thought to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

She has worked at various academic institutions across Asia, Europe and US, such as University of Cambridge, ETH Zurich, UC Berkeley, and published in peer-reviewed international journals. She has also given talks to both scientists and general public at outreach events. For these contributions to research, Priyanka was listed in the Forbes under 30 2018 Europe list in Science and Healthcare, and listed amongst 25 influential women in Britain in the British Vogue in 2018.  She believes that more scientists should communicate results from fundamental science to the general public.

Presentation Topic “Reimagine human aging”