Kim Stevens

Kim Stevens

Kim Stevens is a holistic licensed therapist, specializing in somatic modalities, Buddhist psychology, dance & movement therapy, and trauma.

She is a speaker, teacher, and healer who empowers people to embody the most alive, harmonious and powerful version of themselves. She does this using her specialized mind-body approach while guiding and partnering with clients in feeling their feelings effectively, healing trauma, connecting with their inner-wisdom, and gaining self-acceptance.

She is also a neuro-emotional technique (NET) certified practitioner and sound healing facilitator. She leads corporate therapeutic workshops providing a welcoming and safe space to release stress and connect. Kim believes that we are each perfect, whole and complete. You do not need to be fixed and there is nothing wrong with you. We each have the healing and guidance we seek within us.

Kim is passionate about being the catalyst we need to reacquaint ourselves with our own wholeness and bad-assery. She believes there is no greater gift than partnering with her clients in the ultimate goal of deep connection with their most authentic self.